Cathedral Thinking & Education

Cathedral Thinking and Strategic Innovation

Cathedral Thinking” is that the creation of a significant sustained initiative, like the construction of a cathedral that will take a very long time to complete. In the case of cathedrals this will likely be several hundred years, much longer than the lifetime of those who started it. To undertake such a long term, demanding and potentially Evolutionary endeavour requires strategic innovations and strategic systems that are entirely different from those that deal with mundane day-to-day problems. Courage, vision and commitment is mandatory.

When the ideas of Thinking Outside The Box and Strategic innovation are added into the mix we realize that innovating must inevitably initiate abnormal thinking. Einstein said “We can’t solve the problems we have today at the same level of thinking we had when we created them.

Credit: British Columbia Organization Development Network | YouTube

Claflin Founders’ Day: ‘Power zones’ determine success, senator says

“My philosophy in life is that I believe in something called cathedral thinking,” Matthews said.

He explained cathedral thinking is adapted from biblical references.

The great cathedrals in the Bible were built not by one generation but several generations, Matthew said. The same thinking can be applied to education.

“How well you succeed would depend on how well your children succeed, and their children would succeed,” Matthews said.

“So use the principle of cathedral thinking when you think about your education,” Matthews said. “You will make the life of your children better.”

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